Web-Editor Note! All of the following services are the result of Father Michael Bird's dedication and effort to translate and compile the Great Lenten and Holy Week services over the previous 11 years. Heretofore, these services and their contents were only available from a variety of different sources. The first version of these services were completed and presented to the faithful for download and/or to be used while in attendance at services.

Endeavoring to improve both the language and root translations of the services, Father Michael had begun a 2nd updated version of all the services. As the services were updated, they were uploaded as a PDF file and noted with the Adobe logo in the service title. Those services that remained will not be updated as our beloved Priest, fell asleep in the Lord on July 16, 2014. "May your Memory be Eternal Father Michael, may your Memory be Eternal"! Thank you for your love, service, fidelity and faithfulness to our God and our Church!

“Give rest, O God, unto Your servant, and appoint for him a place in Paradise; where the choirs of the Saints, O Lord, and the just will shine forth like stars; to Your servant that is sleeping now do You give rest, overlooking all his offenses.”

In the photograph to the left, Father Michael is seen at the beginning of the 40-Day Churching celebration of his grandson Leonidas.

Great Lent Week One

Great Lent Week Two Great Lent Week Three Great Lent Week Four
Great Lent Week Five Great Lent Week Six Holy Week Services Saturday of the Souls Service (unfinished)