On December 03, 2006, Barbara Bosen was received into the Holy Orthodox faith after completing her studies with Father Michael. She took the Christian name of Barbara. Her sponsor was Cherie (Anastasia) Perdikis. Following are photographs from the Sacrament of Chrismation which was included as part of the Divine Liturgy.


BARBARA BOSEN and Sponsor, Cherie Perdikis at alter with
Fr. Michael Bird at St. Gregory's Greek Orthodox Church in Mansfield, MA

Accepting Jesus, Renouncing Satan

Leading the congragation in the recitation of the Nicene Creed, "The Confession of The Faith"

Fr. Michael annoints Barbara with Holy Myrrh, consecrated by the Holy Spirit, at the source of each of the five senses

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears all annointed

Barbara's hands are annointed at the place of the wounds of Jesus suffered on the cross. With each annointing, Fr. Michael announces, "The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit"

Barbara Gets Tonsured. Her hair is cut and offered to God, as was the ancient custom of marking indentured servants, symbolizing her offering her life and person in the service of the Lord.

Cherie places the Godparent's gift of a jeweled Byzantine cross around Barbara's neck

The Clergy and Laity of St. Gregory The Theologian Church then applauded and welcomed Barbara into the Orthodox faith! NA SAS ZHSH!