On April 13, 2012, Saint Gregory The Theologian Church held its Lamentation service. Following are some photographs of that evening courtesy of parishioner Nicole Riley.

In preparing the beautiful flower decorations on our "kouvoukleon" as well as the Banner, (Resurrection Icon) this 2012 Pascha, how blessed our Church is, to have so many wonderful ladies who every year, perform their "Labor of Love" for our Lord and our Church! They remind us of the women who, as an act of love, brought spices to His tomb that they might anoint Him (Luke 16:1). A special thank you to the ladies of our church who spent the time decorating this past Holy Friday, Antonia Marshall, Maria Chingris, Carol Demas, Diana Drugas, Wendy Kastrenos, Niki Kounelas, Barbara Madore, Kim Mellen, Mary Metrakas and Joanne Veglas.

From left to right, Head Chanter Peter Maimonis (partially blocked), Chanters Elliott Demas, Michael Dimitriou and Tom Moustakis

Parish Council President George Dimitriou leading the procession

The Parish Council bearing the Epitaphion